Because Once You’ve Tasted It, That’s All You Want to Drink

by Chikashi

Dulcinea is my cocktail.  It is a derivative of the gin Martini and should be served in a large stemmed glass of your choice:

3 measures of gin
1 measure of vodka
1/2 measure of dry anisette
juice of half a lime

The gin should be at least 80 proof.  I prefer Hendrick’s, but Tanqueray and Bombay are also suitable. 

The vodka should of the well-filtered ‘clean’ variety and again should be at least 80 proof.  I prefer Stolichnaya.

The preferred anisette is Spanish and dry, specifically the Anis de la Asturiana (Seco).  A good alternative is Anis del Mono (Seco).  There seems to be much confusion between anis and anisette (there is no licorice in anisette), but the specified variety, despite the Spanish brand name, is anisette.  Better Spanish anisettes have a much richer, more complex flavour.

I keep the gin and vodka in the freezer so there is no need for ice, which will only dilute the cocktail unnecessarily.  The lime juice dilutes it just enough.

The original Vesper Martini cannot be made any more, given that Kina Lillet is no longer available in its original form.  I am afraid that Dulcinea may be following in the tradition of Vesper, as Spanish dry anisette is becoming extremely difficult to find these days.

Perhaps a trip to El Toboso is in order…