Crustacean Cadence

by Chikashi

My right knee is on the mend, I think.  What is certain is that I need to get into the habit of pedalling at higher cadence rather than pushing higher gears.  This requires something of an adjustment not only in the physical aspect of my ride but also in my, for lack of better words, musical mood when cycling.  Matt Monro’s On Days Like These is not suitable for higher cadence pedalling although it is still rather perfect on a long descent.  

LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, for example, has the right sort of tempo, but on a lazy Pugliese morning the Little Brunette found a more cheerful and less aggressive tune that does the business.

Fantastic, isn’t it?  What surprised me is that Liberace is not wearing a buttonhole (boutonnière), and his tailor did not even cut a bottonhole in his lapel, whereas I imagined that he would have insisted on a rare orchid or at least a very full camellia or gardenia.