How Much Does a Stormtrooper Weigh?

by Chikashi

After I returned from Edinburgh, my thighs were still so pumped up that they filled up my trousers rather uncomfortably.  It took about five days for them to shrink back to their previous size.  Also, I found that I weighed 2 kg more than before the trip.  My weight has decreased 4 kg since my return, so I am at a 2 kg deficit.  This is inspite of feeling hungry all day long.  

My GP, Dr Sten Binnemans, told me that my system is in the process of adjusting back to my normal routine.  He is a young doctor and takes his time explaining the cause(s), symptoms and consequences at every visit.  I always get a condensed lesson in anatomy.  Being a GP is hard work.  I remember my GP in Holland Park:  she is a good doctor but always looked exhausted.  Dr Binnemans always looks fresh and is always thorough; I do not know how he manages to do that.  It is not easy to find a good GP, so when one finds a good one, one feels fortunate.

A recent decision by the UK’s Supreme Court, apparently the first intellectual property case to reach the UK’s highest court after it was rebranded as ‘Supreme Court’ (a symptom of the 51st State Syndrome?), was a copyright case relating to Stormtrooper helmets.  The decision is creating quite a stir within the intellectual property community, especially by establishing that foreign copyrights infringed in that country can be decided upon by English courts.  Then, there is the muddled opinion about artistic vs utilitarian outputs, which in my view is a result of muddled thinking that would make Jean-Paul Sartre proud.  There are so many things in that court decision that smell wrong, not to mention the whole history between the plaintiff and the defendant.

The poster above might indicate that original Stormtroopers were racing through Paris at night, long before the creators of the film franchise were born…