Donate, Get the Definitive Summer Cycling Cap

by Chikashi

UPDATE:  The cap is no longer available.  Thank you, Paul.

Make a donation of £20 or more to Quintessentially Foundation and receive a new bespoke linen cycling cap pictured above.  Only 1 available.


This is open to anyone regardless of location.  The donation must be made through either Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving (links on the right of this page).  Donations made prior to today do not count; this is an effort to raise a bit more money.  Once you have made the donation, contact me to claim the cap.  You can do this by 1) emailing me, 2) calling me or 3) leaving a comment on this post.  First come, first serve.  If there is any doubt as to who is first, then I will decide based on the time-stamp of the claim.  I will bear the cost of packing and postage.  The cap will be posted by registered mail.


New 3-piece cap with short, soft bill, made by Caroline Paquette of Little Package.  The size is 58 to 61 cm (22 ¾ to 24”).  Caroline made 3 caps of the same design using linen that I provided:  one for me, one for the Little Brunette and another one as her contribution to the L2E ride.  For those of you who were on the L2E ride, you would have seen me wearing one of them the first 3 days.

Caroline is based in the American cycling capital, Portland, Oregon and has made 5 caps (worsted merino x 2, cashmere, tweed and linen) for me and 2 caps (worsted merino and linen) for the Little Brunette, so this is the 8th cap.  You can see photos of some of the other caps that she made here.

Caroline and I literally spent months developing the specifications for this cap, from the choice of principal cloth to the selection of the appropriate nylon mesh, and the colour, width, weave and positioning of the ribbons.

The linen is from Libeco-Lagae of Belgium, established in 1858.  They are based between Bruges and the French border.  Flanders, both French and Belgian bits, are known as the region where flax of the highest quality is grown.  Libeco-Lagae stand out as a completely vertically integrated linen producer, growing their own flax, spinning and dyeing their own yarns and weaving their own cloth.  Here is a short promotional film about linen from Flanders.

If I may say so myself, it is the definitive summer cycling cap, but don’t take my word for it.  For those of you who were on L2E, you will remember the chic gentleman that met us at lunch in Lincoln, the founder and former proprietor of the Savile Row tailoring business Blades.  The cap received a thorough looking-over and compliment from him, which is, to put it mildly, something quite special.