The Nerve

by Chikashi

The road bike riding position is for speed, not for ergonomic bliss.  It entails an unnatural requirement of tilting one’s head up whilst the upper body leans forward.  This, as it did in my case, can lead to pinched nerve in the neck.  This caused my left hand to fall asleep during longer jaunts, a sensation similar to that when one has had one’s legs crossed for too long.  I am very pleased that this is now history, thanks to my physiotherapist Guy Lauwers.

I have been on several longer rides since the completion of my physio, and the problem has not recurred.  If you are based in Antwerp and need a physiotherapist, seek out Guy Lauwers on Anton Van Dyckstraat.  (Also, he is as bemused by some of William Forsythe’s work as I am.)  Top man.