My Calvin

by Chikashi

Nothing gets between me and my Penaten.  Not even Calvin.  Of course, it doesn’t sound quite the same when I say it as when Christy Turlington does.
There is a bewildering variety of chamois creams on the market.  They all have their unique, magical formula to prevent or minimise saddle sore, that is, chafing and infection of the dear old Popo.  We will be in the saddle all day for five consecutive days, so an ointment of some sort is essential kit.  I use Penaten.  It is not marketed as a chamois cream and is usually applied to bottoms that are much younger and smoother than mine.

The tin of Penaten above is shown sitting on a cutting of Barenia, another rather delicate piece of skin.  The only difference is that Barenia ages, even with the scuffs and patination, rather more gracefully than my Haut am Popo.