My Guardian

by Chikashi

These are my protective gear.

The doctor that is accompanying our L2E Cycling Challenge as the ride-doctor told all the riders that a helmet is essential.  In my particular case, geometry pre-empts controversial debate about the benefits of cycling helmets.

Assume that you have an oval with the largest circumference available in your neck of the woods.  Assume also that you have a circle whose circumference is equal to that of the oval.  Can you fit the circle in the oval?

Bicycle helmets sold in Europe are oval or egg-shaped.  I have a round head, like many people of my ethnic group.  I also happen to have a relatively big head, equivalent in circumference to the biggest ovals available in this part of the world. 

It was something of a challenge to find a hairnet that is big enough.

You know what they say about someone with a big, round head.  Big, round head.