First Time, Few Things

by Chikashi

I recently became involved in actively raising funds for a charity.  I have been involved with charities before, but this is the first time that I am actually raising money.  I have never blogged before, but it seemed like a good excuse to start one.

I signed up to participate in the London to Edinburgh Cycling Challenge, a charity cycling event sponsored by Quintessentially Foundation, for the benefit of The Place2Be.  My favourite charitable cause is children.  Therefore, when my friend Timothy Everest told me about the event that combines children’s charity and my recently revived interest in cycling, I did not hesitate to register.

Of course, as is usually the case, this little initiative could not have come up at a worse time for me.  Fundraising is a very time consuming activity.  Training for the ride that covers 750 km in 5 days requires commitment, especially since I have never cycled such a long distance.  At the same time, there is much happening in my day job these days that could have profound consequences. It is hardly an opportune time to start a blog, but here we are.

My primary fundraising page is on Virgin Money Giving.  I set up another page on Just Giving since some people were having technical difficulties with the first one.  If you have not yet made a donation, then please consider making one.  It is a worthwhile cause.

I am told that, amongst the various internet browsers, Firefox works the best.  If you are using Internet Explorer and encounter technical problems on either of my fundraising page, then click on the ‘Compatibility View’ icon that looks like a torn sheet of paper, usually located on the right of the address bar.  After you have clicked on this icon, then you should be able to make your donation by starting the process again.