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Perhaps I Should Stop Reading Emails from Airlines

I previously wrote about a bemusing email from Air France / KLM. Whilst I was cleaning out my inbox, I found an email that British Airways sent me in the summer. The primary excuse for sending an email to me, I think, was to congratulate me on accumulating enough Avios points (airmiles in BA-speak) to fly between continental Europe and the UK. It was very thoughtful of them to congratulate me for achieving this milestone.

Except I probably have enough miles to do that every week for an entire year.

Dear BA:

I don’t think your CRM thingy is working correctly.

Yours sincerely,


p.s., Happy Hallow’een.

I Need to Become a Better Wheelsucker…


There is an unprotected stretch by the Western Scheldt in the Dutch south where it is always windy. And, it’s always a headwind, never a tailwind. Yesterday, whoever makes the wind up there obviously had a row with the wife the night before. It was hard work making the pedals go round even whilst hiding in the back.

Just after this stretch, at about halfway through our jaunt, we took a short break, and one guy commented that we had a bit of tailwind back there.

A collective (o_O) Wot?

Obviously, my wheelsucking skills are not up to snuff. I’m not a very good cyclist and thought that wheelsucking was about the only thing I do reasonably well. So much for that then…

Made Great in Britain

By hand, not by machine. By artisans, not by equipment operators. In a Georgian house, not in a factory. In London, not in a town whose name you can’t pronouce with the correct intonation. For you and only you.

Sunday Wheelsucker


Well, it was a bit blustery out there today…

Draining the Wheel


It’s been 11 days and 340 km since I rode through the wet. On that day, I encountered biblical rain the last 12 km of the 132 km ride. Much of the road was flooded, submerging about a fifth of the wheels in water.

Today I was cleaning the bike and realised that there is still water swishing about in the rear wheel, inside the tyre, although the front wheel was dry. It is not the first time I had rain water in my wheels, but it surprised me that it was still there.

Lesson learned.

I Would Never Do That


I used to have unkind thoughts about people who posted stuff on the Internet about their rides and show photos featuring their bikes.

I shall refrain from saying anything about my ride.

‘Here’s My Card’

Moynat, Mayfair, London

Luxury goods brand.

Brand ambassador.

Corporate identity.

Brand image.

Commitment to quality.

Presentation and representation.


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