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A Tour de France 2014 Fallacy?

I have been a bit bemused by all the articles and commentaries in which people moan about ‘the TdF that wasn’t’ because Froome and Contador crashed out. They all say, either explicitly or implicitly, that Nibali and everyone else who achieved a good GC standing at this year’s Tour had it easier because Froome and Contador abandoned.

They all make it sound like Froome and Contador didn’t even turn up at the Tour. The fact is that they turned up, crashed and abandoned the race.

So, I am left wondering why anyone thinks that it was less of a race because of people who were unable to finish the race.

Yes, it would have been a different race if Froome and Contador were able to finish. Likewise, it would have been different without a cobblestone stage, with more time trial stages, with different climbs, with different route, with different weather, etc., etc.

To state the obvious once again, Froome and Contador were not able to finish. Nibali et al, including Ji Cheng, managed to finish. Nibali survived the race that Froome and Contador couldn’t. And won.

I think the Sicilian deserves to be recognised for his win without the hoi polloi trying to devalue his achievement by confusing correlation with causation.

Chapeau, Vincenzo. Bravo.

Mind of a Spam Filter, part 2

The same spam filter to which I referred previously is proving to have a very particular mind.

Its reason for tagging an email as spam this time:  ‘Found word(s) cum in the Text body.’

Like the previous time its imagination ran amok, it picked out a sequence of letters which forms an unrelated word. The offending word, which occurs twice in the email, is ‘documentation’.

I’m starting to wonder whether the filter is a freeware.

Business Drivel, part 10

There is also a constant information feedback loop from…

What? Are you having a migraine?

The King of Auto-Reply Messages

Every once in a while there is an out-of-office auto-reply email that makes one pause, usually not for a very good reason. Recently, I got this gem from a CMO of a certain company.

I’m on vacation until… Please communicate any must need by email and I will respond when possible. Thanks

I’m probably finding this funnier than I should, but somehow reminds me of a guy who has a habit of calling me on the landline and asking me whether I’m in the office.

What Confucius Said about Quotes in Email Signatures

‘Wise people do not have wise quotes in their email signatures.’

He said that. November, 475 BC. Look it up.

How Did the WTC Buildings Actually Collapse on 9/11?



Guangbiao Chen recently making the headlines again also reminded me of something else, as his trade is controlled demolition. Whenever I saw the video of the World Trade Center buildings collapsing, I wondered how they all came down so fast and in such an orderly manner, just like in an Hollywood film, a controlled demolition. The science-based hypothesis presented by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth seems very persuasive, especially in the case of Building #7 which an aeroplane did NOT strike. However, it in turn raises countless questions about the US government, the US intelligence agencies, the number and identities of people that were involved in the attack, the attack’s real timeline that includes preparatory work, the logistics of planning and execution, etc. It boggles the mind.

Cute Logo Design, But What’s the Rating?

Good design is difficult to come by, but bad design can be avoided. Sometimes, one needs to take a step back, especially if one is a wee bit too close to the work at hand.

But then again, if it gets one’s brand talked about, then… Or, is it?



Business Drivel, part 9


I don’t even know where to begin with this one, except to say, WTF?

Really, WTF?

A sad thing about all these Chief Whatever Officer titles is that too often there are no other officers in the referenced functional area. These C-titles imply that there is at least one other officer reporting to the chief officer. However, one often finds that the person is the only officer. Occasionally, one comes across a chief whatever officer who doesn’t have a single subordinate, officer or otherwise. It’s a bit like setting the table for eight when you are actually dining alone. Sad and lonely.

With ‘transparency’ being all the rage, it is a little strange that there is so much silly, purile posturing happening at so many companies. It begs the question of whether these companies are capable of being transparent about substantive matters.

So, here’s a suggestion: in addition to the C-suite, create the O-suite.

OAO:  Only Administrative Officer

OCO:  Only Creative Officer

ODO:  Only Diversity Officer

OFO:  Only Financial Officer

OIO:  Only Information Officer

OLO:  Only Legal Officer

OMO:  Only Marketing Officer / Only Merchandising Officer

OOO:  Only Operating Officer

ORO:  Only Risk Officer / Only Restructuring Officer

OSO:  Only Strategy Officer

OTO:  Only Technology Officer

OXO:  Only Experience Officer

And, of course,

OEO:  Only Executive Officer

An Observational Study of Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, and Prostate Cancer in Regular Cyclists

1936 The First Wienermobile. Source: Retronaut

1936 The First Wienermobile. Source: Retronaut

The good folks at University College London have recently published a paper on an oft-mentioned subject amongst non-cyclists.

I am not a scientist, so my imagination is hard at work picturing what ‘observational’ entails, but the good news is that regular cycling seems to have no effect on aiming or on the risk of live rounds being replaced with blanks.

The provisionally bad news is that regular cycling may increase the risk of prostate cancer. The data is not conclusive. Therefore, further study is required.

Right, boys, back in the saddle then. Eat more miles.

And I Thought Americans Don’t Do Irony

I want to meet the genius behind this product. Why did we allow the 1970s to end?

source: Retronaut

source: Retronaut

White Socks vs Black Socks?


(I’m realising many a Miss USA contestants’ singular wish.)

Hang on… Did it say, ‘Wash with similar colours’?


Did You Mean ‘250th Anniversary’?

This year marks the 250th anniversary of Brown University. They are inviting people to celebrate their semiquincentennial with them.

When Princeton University had their 250th almost two decades earlier, they called it their bicenquinquagenary.

Neither word is recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The former sounds like something cobbled together by a teenage, aspiring linguist whereas the latter seems like you might earn some street cred if you use it in a song and can manage to pronounce it properly. On that basis, I prefer the latter. I still can’t pronounce it, however.


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