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Sunday Wheelsucker


Well, it was a bit blustery out there today…

Draining the Wheel


It’s been 11 days and 340 km since I rode through the wet. On that day, I encountered biblical rain the last 12 km of the 132 km ride. Much of the road was flooded, submerging about a fifth of the wheels in water.

Today I was cleaning the bike and realised that there is still water swishing about in the rear wheel, inside the tyre, although the front wheel was dry. It is not the first time I had rain water in my wheels, but it surprised me that it was still there.

Lesson learned.

I Would Never Do That


I used to have unkind thoughts about people who posted stuff on the Internet about their rides and show photos featuring their bikes.

I shall refrain from saying anything about my ride.

‘Here’s My Card’

Moynat, Mayfair, London

Luxury goods brand.

Brand ambassador.

Corporate identity.

Brand image.

Commitment to quality.

Presentation and representation.

Truth in Sizing

I previously blogged about sizing label swindles, particularly in the Anglo-American markets. This example from Japan seems to represent an antidote.

Yes, it’s true: we Japanese are very polite.

At La Vuelta a España, Contracting Glutes and a Firm Grip

I think I see a smile.

Have You Ever Wondered…

… how bald Orthodox Jewish men manage to keep their kippah from flying away on a blustery day?

I have.

For years.

And, I still do.


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